Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission: to unite women of the Democratic Party and to promote active participation to accomplish the Party’s goals.

Our Vision:  We envision in the next 3 to 5 years a highly informed, voting community of Democrats; plenty of competent Democratic Leaders and Candidates, especially women; and a healthy, welcoming organization that is motivating our members to fully participate in achieving the goals of the Democratic Party to move forward the future of New Mexico and our local communities in Doña Ana County.

In pursuit of achieving this mission and vision we engage in the following activities:  

  • Facilitate monthly interactive public conversations about issues critical to our democratic form of government and the quality of life in our communities known as “Conversations with Democrats.”
  • Support training for potential women candidates on the processes of becoming a candidate and executing a successful campaign.
  • Provide training for members and all interested precinct chairs on assisting candidates with winning campaigns.
  • Sponsor candidate forums, events, and activities that help build an informed voting community.