The name of this organization is Federation of Democratic Women of Dona Ana County herein referred to as the FDWDAC, established as a political organization under Federal and State of New Mexico laws.


Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of the organization is to unite women of the Democratic Party and to promote active participation to accomplish the Party’s goals.

Section 2. Objectives

A. To inform and educate the membership on issues and activities vital to the Democratic Party and to support such activities to the fullest extent. B. To be a strong bridge of communication between Democratic candidates and voters. C. To promote Democratic values and principles. D. To support the Democratic Party and to work for the election of Democratic Party candidates in general elections. E. To promote training for members to facilitate participation in the political process.


Section 1. Conversations. FDWDAC shall provide opportunities for conversations on topics of relevance.

Section 2. Targeted Training

A. FDWDAC shall promote training for potential women candidates on the processes of becoming a candidate and executing a successful campaign. B. FDWDAC shall provide training to members regarding campaign and election-related activities, such as canvassing and poll watching.

Section 3. Recruitment

A. Membership – to encourage and welcome new members. B. Candidates. FDWDAC shall identify, inspire, and support Democratic women to run for elective office.

Section 4. Candidates forums and political events. Examples are Meet and Greets, Recognitions, and Community Get-Togethers. However, during the primary process, no money will be spent on one candidate in opposition to another in the Democratic Party, according to state law*. All candidates during the Primary process shall be treated equally, with no bias shown for or against any candidate.

Section 5. Education seminars on specific, relevant topics presented by experts in those fields.

Section 6. Fund-raising activities, subject to membership approval.

Section 7. Connecting membership with political activities and opportunities.


Section 1. Members

A. Voting members. Voting members are members in good standing. A member in good standing is a registered Democrat whose dues are paid and who conducts him or herself in accordance with the bylaws of the FDWDAC. B. Associate members. Associate members are younger than 18 or are not registered Democrats, do not pay dues, and do not vote.

Section 2. Dues

A. Payment. Annual dues of FDWDAC shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) per person per calendar year. Each year, the membership may vote to adjust the annual dues. B. Renewing members are expected to pay their dues at the beginning of the calendar year. Any member who has not paid his/her dues by March 1st shall become associate members. C. Dues paid by new members after October 1st shall carry over to the next calendar year. This
provision is available only to new members.

Section 3. How to Join

A. Individuals wishing to join shall complete an application form. Voting members shall include their $20.00 dues. B. The application form and dues may be given to the treasurer or other member of the Executive Committee, mailed to an agreed-upon address, or submitted on line.

Section 4. Restrictions of Member Activities.

A. Individual members are not authorized to speak on behalf of or represent the Federation of Democratic Women of Dona Ana County. B. When necessary, the President will speak for the group or designate a member to speak for the group to any media or officials. C. The name Federation of Democratic Women of Dona Ana County shall not be used in any advertisement or written paraphernalia without prior consent of either the Executive Committee or the membership.


Section 1. Officers. Officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member Representative.

A. Eligibility. Any members in good standing may declare or may be nominated for one of the offices. No person may hold more than one office. Officers must remain in good standing during their term in office. B. Term. Term shall be for two years or until a successor is elected and assumes office. C. Terms shall be staggered. President and Secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years, offices. No person may hold more than one office. Officers must remain in good standing during their term in office. B. Term. Term shall be for two years or until a successor is elected and assumes office. C. Terms shall be staggered. President and Secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years, Vice President, Treasurer, and Member Representative in odd-numbered years. At the initiation of this organization, Vice President, Treasurer, and Member Representative shall be elected for one year terms.

Section 2. Executive Committee. The officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Committees

A. Standing Committees

1. Executive 2. Bylaws 3. Forums B. Ad Hoc Committees shall be constituted as needed.


Section 1. Candidate nominations and declarations shall take place at the meeting prior to scheduled elections.

Section 2. Voting

A. Regular election of officers shall take place at the January meeting. B. Additional nominations may be made from the floor prior to voting. C. The winner shall be determined by a simple majority vote of members in good standing.


Section 1. Officers’ Duties

A. President

1. Preside at meetings of FDWDAC and the Executive Committee.
2. Develop a general meeting agenda and provide to the membership prior to the meeting.
3. Serve as spokesperson for the FDWDAC, unless another person is designated by the President on a specific matter.
4. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
5. Co-sign all checks over $500 and have signature authority on the account.
6. Perform all other duties commensurate with the office of President or as determined by the membership.

B. Vice President

1. Assume the duties of the President in the absence or temporary incapacitation of the President. 2. Examine and review all financial records on a regular basis. 3. Conduct or coordinate conducting disciplinary investigations when necessary as provided under this Article.

C. Secretary

1. Act as custodian of all records except those specifically assigned to another member. 2. Maintain the current membership list with contact information. 3. Record the minutes of the meetings of the FDWDAC and distribute to the general membership for review and approval. 4. Record the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee. 5. Distribute notices of meetings and other FDWDAC and Democratic Party events to the
general membership and to the media.

D. Treasurer

1. Sign all checks 2. Act as custodian of the funds. 3. Prepare financial reports and provide to the membership. 4. Take responsibility for all financial reports required by external authorities**. 5. Deposit dues and other revenue in the FDWDAC bank account within 5 (five) business days
of receipts. 6. Provide the Secretary with a list of new members monthly. 7. In the event of termination of the organization:

a. Take appropriate measures to close the checking account with the bank and disburse remaining funds in accordance with a vote of the membership (quorum or not). b. File appropriate paperwork with the Secretary of State and the IRS to cease function and declare the organization terminated. c. If the Treasurer is unavailable, either of the other signatories on the account (President and/or Secretary) is authorized to make the final disbursement of funds in accordance with the vote of the membership (quorum or not). d. Final disbursements shall be made with two signatories on the final check.

E. Member Representative

1. Act as Parliamentarian and advise the presiding officer on adherences to Rules of Order prior to and during meetings. 2. Be a voting member of the Executive committee. Receive all written disciplinary complaints not involving the Member Representative. Evaluate the nature and severity of the complaint and initiate an investigation appropriate to the circumstances, as further outlined under this article. Written disciplinary complaints involving the Member Representative shall be submitted to the Vice President.


F. Order of Succession of Presiding Officers in the event of absence at meetings. In the event the President is unable to preside at a meeting the Vice President will do so. In the event of the President’s and the Vice President’s absence, the order of Succession for presiding will be Secretary, Treasurer, and Member Representative.

G. Committee Chairs. Except for the Executive committee, committee chairs shall be chosen by the committee members.

H. Incapacity of an Officer. In the event an officer is unable to or disqualified from acting on any matter within his or her duties, the President shall assign that duty to another officer temporarily. In the event both the President and Vice President are unable or disqualified to act, the order of succession shall be Secretary, Treasurer, and Member Representative.

Section 2. Vacancies/Replacement/Discipline of Officer or Members

A. Any Executive Committee member may resign their position at any time.

1. Resignations shall be in writing. For resignations other than those of the Secretary, the resignation shall be submitted to the Secretary. The Secretary shall submit his/her resignation to the President. If multiple resignations are tendered at the same time, and include both the President and Secretary, any remaining Executive Committee member may receive the resignations.

2. A committee member who resigns shall promptly deliver any records, documents, or property belonging to the FDWDAC to any remaining Committee member. If all committee members resign, they shall be responsible for retaining such records, documents, or property until given instructions by any authorized representative of the FDWDAC.

3. Copies of all resignations shall be made available to any member in good standing upon request and shall be included in the Notice and Agenda for the next meeting.

4. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled as the first order of business at a general or special meeting. Nominations may be taken from the floor and the winner will be determined by a simple majority vote of members in good standing.

5. Newly elected or appointed Executive Committee member(s) shall take office immediately and shall fill the unexpired term of the Executive Committee member they replace.

B. Discipline of Members

1. Discipline of Voting Members shall consist only of oral or written warnings, reprimands, suspension of voting privileges, or removal from the membership rolls. Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern misconduct at membership meetings. Discipline must be based upon violation of these bylaws.

2. Associate Members may be disciplined upon recommendation of the President and approval by the members in good standing at a membership meeting.

3. An Executive Committee member may be recommended for discipline by a vote of 3 (three) members of the Executive Committee. The reasons for the recommended action shall be in writing and provided to the Executive Committee member and the members in good standing at least 5 (five) days prior to a membership meeting. The members in good standing shall act upon the recommendation at the next general or special membership meeting. The meeting may be closed to all non-voting members by majority vote. Removal of an Executive Committee member shall be treated as a vacancy under Paragraph A.

4. A member in good standing may be disciplined as follows:

a. Allegations must be in writing and signed by the accuser. They are not to be disclosed to anyone except as required to properly investigate. b. Allegations shall be referred to the Member Representative, unless it involves that officer. In that case the allegation will be referred to the Vice-President. c. The authorized Executive Committee member shall be responsible for determining the relevant facts. d. If the responsible Executive Committee member determines the allegation is without merit or cannot be adequately proven, they shall notify the accuser(s) and the subject(s) of the allegation of the basis for the decision and place all documentation in a sealed envelope, which is not open to others except in accordance with law. e. If the responsible Executive Member determined the allegation may have merit, he or she shall prepare a written report of findings and consult with the President on the degree of severity of the offense. If the recommended action is suspension of voting privileges or expulsion, a full written report shall be delivered confidentially to all voting members. The recommended action shall be addressed at a special meeting, which shall be closed to all non-voting members. All parties to the allegation shall be given a reasonable opportunity to address the members. The members in good standing may take whatever final action is warranted by the evidence presented.

Section 3. General Meetings

A. Meetings shall be held monthly. B. A quorum shall consist of one member of the Executive Committee and either a majority of members in good standing or 20 (twenty), whichever is smaller. Once a quorum is established, it shall be considered a quorum for the duration of the meeting. C. Written proxies by members in good standing carried by members in good standing shall be permitted, unless specifically prohibited by the bylaws. D. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, except when other rules of procedure are specified for a given purpose in the bylaws.

Section 4. Special Meetings

A. Special meetings may be called as necessary by the Executive Committee within 5 (five) days’ notice or by any member in good standing with 10 (ten) days’ notice. B. Special meetings called by the Executive Committee require the presence of a member of the Executive Committee for a quorum. Special meetings called by the membership do not require a member of the Executive Committee for a quorum. Once a quorum is established, it shall be considered a quorum for the duration of the meeting.

Section 5. Financial Management

A. The fiscal year will follow the calendar year. B. Management of expenditures/expenses totaling over $500.00 must be approved by the
membership. C. An independent financial review will be conducted annually, as determined by the Executive Committee.


Assets other than equipment and supplies shall not be acquired except by a majority vote of all members in good standing. Educational pamphlets, flyers, and similar materials are considered office supplies.


Section 1. The bylaws shall be reviewed every 2 (two) years, but may be amended at any time.

Section 2. Amendments may be proposed by any member in good standing.

Section 3. Proposed bylaw changes shall be presented at one meeting and voted upon at the next meeting.

Section 4. After a quorum is established, a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of members present is required to amend the bylaws.


Section 1. Any member in good standing may make a conditional motion to dissolve the FDWDAC. The motion will be deemed out of order if, within the past 90 (ninety) days, this motion has been made, seconded, and voted upon as provided in Section 2 below.

Section 2. After a second to the motion and debate, a majority vote of the members in good standing present at the meeting is required to proceed to Section 3.

Section 3. A general membership meeting shall be held within 30 (thirty) days, if one is not previously scheduled. A quorum is not required. The first order of business shall be to address the option to dissolve. An affirmative vote of 2/3 (two thirds) of the members in good standing present at the meeting shall dissolve the organization. Proxy votes shall not count. If approved, the dissolution shall proceed as provided in Sections 4 and 5. No further business shall be conducted.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall promptly pay all debts and obligations of the FDWDAC. Pro rated dues shall be promptly returned to any member who provides a written request within 30 (thirty) days of dissolution and will depend upon the availability of funds.

Section 5. If any funds or assets remain after all obligations have been paid, these funds shall be donated to the Democratic Party of Dona Ana County.


*NM Annotated Statutes 1-19-1: Campaign practices; primary election; expenditure of party money.

A. No contribution of money, or the equivalent thereof, made directly or indirectly to any political party, to any political party committee, to members of any political party committee or to any person representing or acting on behalf of a political party, and no money in the treasury of any political party or political party committee shall be expended directly or indirectly in the aid of the nomination at a primary election of any one or more persons as against any one or more other persons of the same political party running in such primary election.

**NM Annotated Statutes 1-19-26. Definitions. As used in the Campaign Reporting Act L.

“political committee” means two or more persons, other than members of an immediate family member or campaign committee or a husband and wife who make a contribution out of a joint account, who are selected, appointed, chosen, associated, organized or operated primarily for a political purpose; and “political committee” includes: (1) Political parties, political action committees or similar organizations composed of
employees or members of any corporation, labor organization, trade or professional association or any other similar group that raises collects, expends or contributes money or any other thing of value for a political purpose; (2) A single individual whose actions represent that the individual is a political committee; and (3) A person or an organization of two or more persons that within one calendar year expends funds in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) to conduct an advertising campaign for a political purpose

**NM Annotated Statutes 1-19-26.1 Political committees; registration; disclosures.

A. It is unlawful for any political committee that receives, contributes or expends in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) in any calendar year to continue to receive or make any contribution or expenditure for a political purpose unless that political committee appoints and maintains a treasurer and registers with the secretary of state. B. A political committee shall register with the secretary of state within ten days of receiving, contributing or expending in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) by paying a filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) and filing a statement of organization under oath on a prescribed form showing: (1) The full name of the political committee, which shall fairly and accurately reflect the identity of the committee, including any sponsoring organization, and its address; (2) A statement of the purpose for which the political committee was organized; (3) The name, address and relationship of any connected or associated organization or entity; (4) An identification of the bank used by the committee for all expenditures or contributions made or received.

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